Do Something Terrifying

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Would you believe that when I contemplated taking to the ‘internets’ to begin writing I was terrified and from time to time still am terrified? Terror like sweaty palms and anxiety just before hitting post? Complete with a side of what if nobody ever reads it or thinks its silly. Wow, so now I’m letting you in on my inner thoughts, this does not seem like it will bode well. Ok, back to the matter at hand. In actually writing a miracle occurred. And the miracle was around all of the negative talk going on in my brain. Do you know what the miracle was? When I hit the button to publish my post I did not keel over by way of massive heart attack. Each time that I sit down and write and take the risk to share I see ways that I can take bigger risk. This blog is an opportunity to take a risk and reap the rewards as I seek to help encourage and motivate others do something daring and bold. It may seem like a small thing but it’s the small things that turn into big things bit by bit.

I know that God has gifted you and me with unique talents and skills to impact the world around us. I am guilty for praying all the while taking no action. Knowing that there are things I should do or say but as per usual fear grabs me and I try to make my inaction spiritual by suggesting I haven’t been led to move. It can be scary to take risk and somethings may go wrong along the way, however, it would be worse to never take the risk and die without living life on purpose.

Are there situations/circumstances in your life that aren’t getting better? What if you shifted from seeing your circumstances as a ‘problem’ but see them for the opportunities instead?  I’d love to hear about some of the thoughts that are hardest to re-frame.

You Are Not the Biggest Loser

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I used to think the discomfort I felt was because I failed to make the right decision about something along the way. Right and wrong decisions do not signal the end of my story. Maybe the decision I made, in hindsight, was not the best choice.  And I find myself in a round of “what the heck were you thinking?” Which can quickly turn into an episode of you are the biggest loser self talk, unless I choose to stop that train of thinking in its track. I try to acknowledge that perhaps I could have said or done things differently and move on.  I can either make the most of the OPPORTUNITY to correct or redirect or I can beat myself up indefinitely.  I am choosing the former.

I’m allowing the family and friends both new and old to gently help me re-frame my thinking when I go into a Biggest Loser Tailspin. I am choosing to re-frame my thinking regarding the future and the endless possibilities before me. It’s not easy to believe that I can continue to grow and experience better. I am trying to pay attention and be open to the opportunities as they present themselves.  I am giving myself permission to take the risk and seize the opportunities big and small. How are you actively working to re-frame your internal dialogue? Do you ever have biggest loser moments, I’d love to hear from you sound off in the comments.

Risk Taking Required

Indecision is a Decision

It 9758602213_26d73ba5ba_zseems that every decision has a consequence, this we all know well. It recently dawned on me that decisions have both consequences and opportunities attached to them.  I often put off making a decision for fear of making the wrong decision and I am learning that my indecision is a decision in itself.

I made up my mind to do some things differently this year. Starting with not to keeping private some of the changes I wanted to make. I actually verbally told family and friends about those decisions. Seems like a no brainer to share what you are excited about. However, I’ve found it much safer to keep things in my head or journal. That way I’m only accountable to myself. Great idea in theory bad idea in practice because I pretty much suck as my own accountability partner. I was secretly frustrated because I wanted to see some things shift in my life but my journaling in my head way wasn’t working.

Accountability is Needed

I needed some accountability to reach my goals. And being accountable is risky. After all if you are formally accountable you run the risk of someone else knowing that you talk a good game but when it comes time for action you don’t follow through. Not a good look. I realized that if I wanted something different I’d have to do something different. I took a risk and attended the Happy Black Woman blogging event in October. I had the nerve to say on a mic that I wanted to connect with women. I couldn’t believe I said that to a room of strangers. I had already prepped myself that if I didn’t connect with anyone out of it would be cool because already had solid group of girlfriends back home. It was a huge risk for me to put myself out there and be open to the idea of widening my circle. I am so glad I did! I met so many wonderful ladies who were yearning to make the most of the opportunities before them. The result of taking this small risk is a connection with some fabulous ladies who are committed to seizing the opportunities that appear through intentional risk taking. We are moving forward in all of our glorious imperfections and it is exciting!

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