Mistakes Matter

Mistakes matter in a way that we often don’t think about. Let me start by saying I made a series of mistakes today all through out what I like to call my life. I made several at work and a few at home all amounting to my feeling like the biggest loser of all times. And I notice a strange little thing happening. The mistakes I made today felt like my life would be over, I mean I had a massive melt down with tears and everything, which in hindsight might have been a bit ridiculous but it was also necessary. I learned in the moments after the tears because I copied pasted something into the wrong cell in a spreadsheet was not the end of the world. Fortunately, that error, is not going to cost anyone their life. However, it will cost me the unattainable goal of perfection.

When the two littles strolled in happy as can be way earlier than normal because I got the days mixed up for the open house at school. I realized that I needed to adopt their attitude. They were excited to see me and didn’t think I was the worst, most forgetful mother ever. Nope they came in and gave me a hug and said nonchalantly open house is tomorrow…we did get a little tour of the school though. They literally rolled with the punches. Meanwhile just moments earlier, if time would have permitted, I would have been rolled up in the fetal position because of a mistake I made. It is very heard to acknowledge that I am in fact human, and yeah I miss stuff. My current line of work doesn’t take kindly to missing stuff and well it stresses me out! As in heart palpitations, tears, anxiety, you name it I’ve got it. And for what?

I’ll tell you what for self-imposed unrealistic expectations of required perfection. This my friends is impossible to achieve.  The sooner we acknowledge that the better off we’ll be. There comes a time, as my mom would say, you have to put on you big girl panties and be about your business. Yes crying and sniveling has its place it is actually quite refreshing, but you can’t stay there. As my dear friend told me today, “what are your options?” There are ALWAYS options, some may seem unpleasant, but there are always options.

I’m not sure why it didn’t dawn on me sooner to ask my husband to take the kids to orientation to alleviate some of the mounting pressure I was feeling throughout the day. I didn’t ask the question because somewhere in me I’m still trying to do everything myself and well, that is just plain old unrealistic. And this mindset which cripples me and leads to my making mistakes unnecessarily. We make mistakes, which are a part of being human. There will be times when even in the midst of preparing we will be utterly unprepared, and that is ok.

What would happen if you would really accept that you are human, prone to mistakes and even failure? Would you feel free? You my dear are free, the question is do you believe it? If you believe it type yes or no in the comments.