You Are Not the Biggest Loser

ohsarahrose / / CC BY-ND

I used to think the discomfort I felt was because I failed to make the right decision about something along the way. Right and wrong decisions do not signal the end of my story. Maybe the decision I made, in hindsight, was not the best choice.  And I find myself in a round of “what the heck were you thinking?” Which can quickly turn into an episode of you are the biggest loser self talk, unless I choose to stop that train of thinking in its track. I try to acknowledge that perhaps I could have said or done things differently and move on.  I can either make the most of the OPPORTUNITY to correct or redirect or I can beat myself up indefinitely.  I am choosing the former.

I’m allowing the family and friends both new and old to gently help me re-frame my thinking when I go into a Biggest Loser Tailspin. I am choosing to re-frame my thinking regarding the future and the endless possibilities before me. It’s not easy to believe that I can continue to grow and experience better. I am trying to pay attention and be open to the opportunities as they present themselves.  I am giving myself permission to take the risk and seize the opportunities big and small. How are you actively working to re-frame your internal dialogue? Do you ever have biggest loser moments, I’d love to hear from you sound off in the comments.

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