Be bold, be brave…on second thought just do nothing

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Be bold, be brave…on second thought just do nothing

Most of 2014 was filled with a feeling of angst, discomfort, a smidgen of boredom and a whole lot of stagnation. I longed to do something more to be something more but had absolutely no clue how or where to start. I investigated a variety of things, opportunities within my current field, graduate school, never ending youtube “research” on all things natural hair. Nothing would bring relief from the nagging discomfort and the quiet voice whispering ‘You were created for more’.

Should I continue to try and make my way up the corporate ladder? Should I go back to school, full time, could I go back to school full time?

All of these questions flooded me towards the end of last year and it was like I awakened from a sleep deprivation coma that began 5 years prior with birth of our middle daughter. I was in a cyclone of never ending ear infections and sporadically sleeping children.  2014 was the beginning of the long ascent out of babyhood into a world little people with ideas and opinions. I could finally breathe and begin to think clearly. Yet I continued to allow the busyness of life, marriage, kids and work, to rule me.

During my daily routines I might hear the quiet voice in the drone of my never ending conference calls.  Yet and still I would hear and continuously push the whisper ‘You were created for more’ back to a secret corner of my mind. Occasionally if I sat still long enough I would entertain the idea that ‘You can have a greater impact than you think’ to inch up into the realm of possibilities.

Master of Doing Nothing

I had become a master of not sitting still with my thoughts and dreams. If I’m honest, I thought there was no way life can be better than it is right now. And let me say my life by no means sucks, sure there are ups and downs but certainly nothing to be depressed about. I realize now that I was viewing my life with constraints and limitations, fear of the unknown had me in its paws and I didn’t even realize it.  I was content, so I thought, just going through the motions and becoming a martyr in my own life. There was no time to be bold or brave.

2015 change starts with me?

Throughout 2014 I avoided the idea of a life coach but in 2015 something shifted in me and I was open to the idea. When I got an invited to attend a free Teleclass  Best Year Ever…Set and Achieve the Goals You Really Want In the New Year!, hosted by Coach Rita Goodroe I took what seemed like a huge risk at the time,  and I joined the call. She talked about how after a failed relationship she helped herself get over the break up by shaking things up. Rita challenged herself to 35 dates in 35 days.  In that process she was able to take a look at herself and make some adjustments. When she talked about the process it’s like a light bulb went off for me. All of a sudden all of the lip service I’d given many others over the years became nearly deafening as the words rang back to me. “The only person you can change is yourself”.  Rita asked us to think about what we would like for our lives to look like by the end of the year. And the question she asked next rocked me, ‘What would your situation/life look like if you choose to do nothing?’

Yeah, Change Starts with Me!

Boom!  Went the cannon and I was convinced any change, any improvements I’d like to see in my life they start with me. So at the beginning of 2015 I committed to myself to begin the process of self-evaluating, adjusting and changing. While it hasn’t been comfortable and most times it can be downright terrifying, it’s all been worth it. I remind myself that I made a commitment to try and take the risk. I made the decision to be brave and bold and refuse to do nothing.

And Change Starts with You!!

What is one small thing you can do today to begin the process of shaking things up in your life? It doesn’t have to be a full blown strategic plan. It can be something small like simply deciding to attend a free webinar or class. What’s something small you can commit to do today?  Please add your comments below.

Be Bold, be brave, and refuse to do nothing!

5 thoughts on “Be bold, be brave…on second thought just do nothing

  1. I think many of us , as women go through this phase where we feel a calling to be more in the world. Especially when we are knee deep in our gender roles as wives, life carriers, mothers of babies, etc. I know I did when my babies were young. I know I am going through it now that they are all grown.
    I think the one small thing I can do, is write. Thank you for helping me have clarity with that.

  2. This was a great read, and an even better message! I’m ready to take some steps to a better, happier me and I’m extremely excited about it.

    Step 1: Pick one (of my too many) ideas to focus on by Monday

    Thanks for taking that step for yourself, because it has in turn inspired me! I’m proud of you, and I’ll be reading 😉

  3. #BOOM

    That question is a little mini-bomb, isn’t it??

    I’m so happy that my teleseminar had this impact on you and I’m very excited for all you’ve done this year and all 2016 will bring!!


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