Barika Porter has a passion for helping individuals and businesses bloom successfully.  She has over 17 years of experience as a management consultant in both the private and public sectors. She brings a depth of Commercial Healthcare industry knowledge related to consumer experience, product development and implementation, information technology and business process re-engineering projects. Her corporate knowledge and experience allows her to bring technical expertise to managing, people, process and systems. She has a passion for helping people and businesses identify opportunities for improvement and growth.

Barika is particularly gifted in encouraging clients to take risks to obtain the changes they desire. She strives to remain transparent and serve as a catalyst for lasting change.  Barika finds the greatest joy when she successfully communicates the opportunities present within challenging situations. When she is able to help individuals think strategically about how to thrive and bloom within their circumstances she considers that to be the ultimate success.

Ms. Porter enjoys encouraging and providing practical strategies for improving interpersonal relationships. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and three daughters. She can quickly see the minutes turn into hours as she allows YouTube to auto play hair and makeup tutorials.